How do I delete an event once it’s finished?

This can be done in the Event Edit process. Find the event that you want to delete, either tap or click the Edit Pencil and at the bottom you will see a Delete button. BUT WAIT… Why delete an event when you can use the event to market for future events? If you had a great turnout and added some photos showing off what a great time your guests had, you can use this event to help entice others to come to your next event in the future.

You can also make the event PRIVATE so that it’s hidden from public view and people can no longer register for the event. This way, you have all the benefits of deleting an event (hiding it from view and preventing new registrations), as well as the benefits of not deleting it! Keep the valuable event, customer, and/or payment data you might have collected to refer back to in the future. (You never know…).

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