I’m an event organizer. How can I start using UNATION?

Step 1: Sign up for UNATION

Signing up for UNATION is fast and FREE – All you need to create a UNATION account is a valid e-mail address and a password of your choosing.

Go to https://unation.com/#/auth/signOn to sign up if you haven’t already! OR download the app from either the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Create your first event

*It is recommended that you create your Brand before you create events. That way when people discover your event they can find more about you or about your business! To do this see, “How to create a Brand”

To create your first event, log in to your account and click the grey create event plus sign (+) that you see on the bottom tool bar.

You’ll be taken to the event creation where you’ll see the following sections to fill out:

Event Information

  • Add Event Theme
  • Event Title*
  • Date and Time*
  • Privacy*
  • Categories (if public*)
  • Detailed Event Description
  • Age Restriction
  • Hashtags
  • Website
  • keywords
  • Location
  • Tickets?
  • Photos

* Required

After you click “Publish”, congratulations! Your event is now live! If you made it public, people will be able to find your event, buy tickets, and share your event across tons of platforms. If it is a private event, the only people that will know it exists are the people that you invite and the event cannot be shared.

To learn more about privacy check out “What is the difference between a Public and Private event?”

Step 3: Link your bank account

This step is necessary if you’re planning a paid event. (Hosting a free event on UNATION is FREE!)

If you have not linked your bank account you will be prompted to do so if/when you try to save a ticket level other than Free. When prompted, click Stripe and follow the steps to linking an account. More on that at “How can I start accepting payments for my paid event?”

Oh, and if you are going to want to “check” people in for the event, you can do that right from the UNATION Check-in app.  You can find the Check-in app in the App Store only! (sorry not in the Play Store)

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