Is my banking information secure?

First, we take the security of your data very seriously, and we take extra care to ensure that the data collected is done so in a responsible and secure manner. This includes the use of SSL encryption on all pages which receive information from either the event organizer who creates an event on the UNATION platform, or an event registrant.

The personal information we collect in the form – legal name, and email, etc. – is to verify the identity of a person (any person) who is associated with the bank account, in compliance with the Patriot Act.

Banking information you submit allows us to securely direct deposit funds into your bank account. We never actually see your banking information since everything is collected securely and separately by our partners.

Once again, because it bears repeating, you can rest assured knowing that:

  • Your data is protected by SSL encryption
  • We maintain full Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance throughout the process of collecting and processing credit card payments on the UNATION platform
  • We never actually see your bank account information

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