How much does UNATION cost?

It’s free, and will always be free, to join and use UNATION.

Using UNATION, you can create both free events and charge admission to your events. When you create an event where you are charging people, there are two fees associated – Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents on the checkout price, while we charge a small flat fee per ticket depending on the ticket price that will never exceed $5.95:

Free Event –> No Fee
$1 ~ $34 –> $0.99*
$35 ~ $74 –> $1.95*
$75 ~ $124 –> $2.95*
$125 ~ $199 –> $3.95*
$200 ~ $249 –> $4.95*
$250 & UP –> $5.95*
*UNATION service fee per paid ticket

With UNATION, you can choose to pay one or both fees yourself, or pass the fees on to your customers with their ticket price. This can be adjusted during the event creation process.

In the example above, if the price for your event is $30 per ticket, UNATION’s service fee would be $0.99 per ticket, while the Stripe processing fee would be $1.23 per ticket (2.9% of $30 + 30 cents). If you then chose to pass both of these fees onto your customers, they would pay $32.22 ($30 + $1.32 + $0.99) and you would make $30 per ticket.

On the other hand, if you chose to not pass on the fees and pay both fees yourself, your customers would pay $30 and you would make $27.81 ($30 – $1.23 – $0.99) per ticket sold.

Feel free to play around with these numbers during the ticket creation, the calculator will change accordingly!

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